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Programs (1.53 MB)

ePic 2.1.2

File Name:
File Size: 1.53 MB
Date: 02. December 2010

ePic2 is a complete framework to command the e-puck within Matlab. It allows its user to interact with the e-puck as he would do using the Windows' Hyper Terminal but improves on it by allowing the data gathered by the robot to be used as variables for Matlab's tools.

epuckmonitor.exe (782.50 kB)


File Name: epuckmonitor.exe
File Size: 782.50 kB
Date: 02. December 2010

See what all sensors and manipulate all actuators of e-puck. You need to have flash "sercom.hex" in "advance sercom" directories of our library for running this application.

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