What do you like in the e-puck robot?
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Wednesday, 24 November 2010 13:42

Several companies are selling the e-puck robot:

In Europe, three companies sell it from Switzerland (all the robots you buy from these three companies are coming from the same production, so basically the difference is in availability of bundles, service etc):



For Japan, we suggest you to buy from:

For other countries we suggest to contact the closest company.

For Asia (other than Japan) and North America we suggest you to buy from:

Applied AI Systems, Inc (http://www.AAI.ca/robots/e-puck.html)

Another company is selling specifically the range and bearing turret :


WARNING on PRICES: the prices can be very different from company to company. All companies listed here are fair resellers and their prices are good. The difference comes mainly from support conditions. European companies provide very limited support, the japanese company provide extensive and high quality support. Up to you to choose your options.

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