What do you like in the e-puck robot?
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Wednesday, 24 November 2010 14:34

Three simulators are available with e-puck modules:

- ENKI , an open-source, fast 2D physics-based robot simulator written in C++. It is able to simulate cinematics, collisions, sensors and cameras of robots evolving on a flat surface. It also provides limited support for friction. It is able to simulate groups of robots hundred times faster than realtime on a modern desktop computer.

- WEBOTS , a efficient 3D physics-based robot simulator that provides you with a rapid prototyping environment for modelling, programming and simulating mobile robots. The included robot libraries allow you to transfer your control programs to many commercially available real mobile robots, including the e-puck robot. Webots comes with:
- several simulations samples for the e-puck robot, with both kinematics (based on ENKI) and dynamics models (based on the ODE library).
- many simulated e-puck devices: 3D accelerometer, differential wheels, proximity sensors, light sensors, wireless communication, LEDs and camera.
- a remote-control tool so that you can monitor and remote control a real e-puck robot from your controller program over Bluetooth.
- a complete cross-compilation system allowing you to cross-compile your robot controllers and upload them onto real e-puck robot over Bluetooth.
Webots and the included e-puck cross-compilation tools, run on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. The free version of Webots allows you to cross-compile e-puck programs.

- V-REP, a distributed control 3D robot simulator, that allows to create whole robotic systems, simulate, and interact with dedicated hardware. It possesses several calculation modules, e.g. sensor simulation (proximity/camera), inverse/forward kinematics, two physics engines (Bullet/ODE), path planning, minimum distance calculation, graphing, etc. A fully operational version for students can be downloaded.

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